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     Great design is simply that,  great design. And it can be achieved at any price point.  At Hearthstone I believe that everyone deserves a beautiful home and that money really doesn't have anything to do with it.   It's what you do with the money you have to spend that makes the difference.  A  beautiful home just doesn't happen by it's self.  Planning is the key.  Here at Hearthstone I follow three simple rules to maximize any budget while avoiding costly mistakes:  

  1. Have a plan,  an actual floor plan that can you can draw out and stick to.   
  2. Purchase your items in the correct order (larger items first,  smaller items later)
  3. Base every decision on previous choices. 

These rules truly work,  and  I implement these rules on every project that I work on. So if you are willing to follow these three simple rules,  you to can have a beautiful home regardless of your budget.

     What sets Hearthstone apart from other designer's is pricing, speed, and the ability to recognize the personal styles of my clients.  Hearthstone's pricing is quite simple.  I charge a $750 flat fee per room.  Whether your project takes me eight hours or thirty hours to complete,  it's the same great price per room.   For smaller projects requiring an hour or so of consultation time,  I charge an hourly fee of $75.  Great design shouldn't take forever either.  At Hearthstone I want my clients enjoying their homes as quickly as possible.  Most of my projects take only one to three days to complete.  My ability to recognize the personal styles of my clients is where Hearthstone truly shines.  You see it's my job to figure out your personal style even if you're not sure what that style may be. When you live in a beautiful home that reflects your personal style you feel good about yourself.  Typically speaking, you'll find yourself sharing and enjoying it more with your family and friends.  Welcome to my website.

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Vicki Donovan

Let me introduce myself.  My n ame is Vicki Donovan and I'm  a native Tennessean who graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a bachelor's degree in Interior Design.  I disco vered my love for interior design as a young child.  At age eight, I would take boot boxes and transform them into detailed models of homes, complete with walls, flooring, furniture, and accessories.     For two years I worked as a photo stylist for Nashville Home and Garden Magazine, and am currently writing monthly articles for two local home magazines, Today's Home and Kick's Magazine. This experience has taught  me a number of things; how to think on my feet and make quick decisions, how to be creative with whatever you have to work with,  and how to view a room through the lens of a camera so that a room or project is not just finished,  it is worthy of a magazine cover.   Writing two monthly articles also gives me the opportunity to talk about a subject that is near and dear to my heart, Interior Design.  I believe in sharing idea's and design concepts.  When individuals share, it makes for a better place to live.  I would be honored and delighted to share some of my decorating ideas with you. To schedule your personal consultation call 615-585-9774.


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